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321 White Matt Paint (5 liters)

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AURO 321 Matt Emulsion

AURO 321 matt emulsion has excellent micro-porous characteristics, contains no fungicides or chemical preservatives and contributes significantly to a fresh and comfortable interior environment.

321 is a matt eco paint for interior use on all mineral and organic surfaces (plaster, plasterboard, wallpaper) subject to light wear. Wipeable, and perfect for all general domestic living rooms and bedrooms. Prime absorbent surfaces with a thinned coat (up to 20% water) when using white and light shades, we highly recommend using 301 Plaster Primer when applying our darker colours. Apply with a brush, roller or spray gun. Dry and re-coatable after 8 hours. Clean tools immediately after use with water and Auro 411 Plant Soap. Available in white, or a range of naturally pigmented pre mixed colours. Contains rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils.

Colour Chart
View colour chart:  321 color chart.pdf

Data Sheet
View technical data sheet:  321 Tech Sheet.pdf
View info and application tips:  321 Info.pdf

*One container of 5 liters covers approx. 484 square feet (45 square meters)

* 5 liters = 1.32 gallon

321 White Matt Paint (5 liters)

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